In multiplayer (to simplify greatly), you're essentially playing against character models that are mimicking the moves that actual players make. They don't use first person models for your multiplayer opponents, so you don't see this issue. However, your character model is still the broken looking first person one,… » 7/14/14 11:49pm 7/14/14 11:49pm

Exactly. It's just as bad as assuming that E3 being mentioned in the extracted code is bad. You can see from the snippet that it's setting whether or not certain weathers are allowed in various areas, and certain areas were likely marked as "E3" or "E3_Theater" to make sure that certain weathers wouldn't occur during… » 6/17/14 6:52pm 6/17/14 6:52pm

I've got to agree, out of all of the recent series with a set protagonist, AC is probably one of the most diverse out there. Is Ubisoft's excuse for the lack of a female option a good one? Perhaps not, especially with such a huge number of people working on the series. That being said, I think that this was made into… » 6/13/14 10:48pm 6/13/14 10:48pm

I don't know, I personally think it added to the tragedy at the end. Perhaps others see differently, but the fact that they had just discovered their mutual feelings for each other definitely gives more weight to the ending. You could see hints of their feelings throughout the entirety of the DLC, it's not as if it… » 6/09/14 11:37pm 6/09/14 11:37pm

The city itself feels a lot like Chicago (I'm not from Chicago, instead from southern Illinois, but I've been to Chicago probably a dozen or more times), but the moment you leave Chicago proper, you begin to wonder how all of the corn fields of Illinois suddenly became scenic mountain villages. » 6/05/14 1:17am 6/05/14 1:17am

The software that allows you to do literally everything you do on your computer is not worth paying for? That's like buying a car without an engine, then after getting arrested telling the police you stole the engine because you already had the body and the engine wasn't worth paying for. » 6/04/14 6:17pm 6/04/14 6:17pm